CRID | Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery
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CRID | Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

CRIDFederal State Institution Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (CRID and Maxillofacial Surgery) is the lead agency of the country on the problems of dental and maxillofacial surgery.

Since its inception in 1962 CRID coordinates the scientific activities in the area of dentistry done in scientific, educational and medical institutions throughout the country. The institute develops dentistry alongside the school's unique cranio-maxillofacial surgery. Today specialists of the Institute is actively involved in implementing the national project "Health" in the provision of high-tech medical care.

In CRID and Maxillofacial Surgery - forge a wonderful medical staff here regularly undergo training dentists and maxillofacial surgeons in Russia, CIS and foreign countries.
Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery in CRID

Specialists of our dental clinics provide the following services:

  • Preventive dentistry: root canal treatment, treatment of dental caries, treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis, sealing canals, teeth whitening, aesthetic restoration of teeth
  • Surgery: surgery of teeth - preservation , laser surgery, tooth extraction of any complexity, including under intravenous anesthesia
  • Orthodontics: correcting malocclusion in adults, orthodontic treatment using the most modern bracket systems
  • Prosthetic Dentistry: dental prosthetics, clasp dentures, dentures, Immediate-prosthesis complex maxillo-facial prosthesis, metal, fabrication of crowns, inlays, veneers, bridges
  • Pediatric Dentistry: treatment and removal of milk teeth bite correction, prevention and treatment of dental caries in children
  • Comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease
  • Intraosseous implantation with subsequent prosthetic
  • Functional diagnosis in dentistry
  • Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa

Maxillofacial Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery in CRID

At the Center for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery CRID in the hospital conducted reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired defects and deformities of the head and neck using unique copyright surgical techniques, recent advances in microsurgery:

  • Removal of benign and malignant cranio-maxillo-facial region with one-stage reconstruction of tissues;
  • Treatment of fractures of the facial skeleton using modern techniques of osteosynthesis;
  • Reconstructive operations on the bones of the facial skeleton, the elimination of post-traumatic deformities of skull, upper, middle and lower zones of the person using the skin-muscle-bone flap with the donor areas;
  • Restoration of ears with partial and complete defects;
  • Treatment of congenital cleft lip and palate;
  • Restoration of alveolar bone of the upper and lower jaw;
  • Reconstructive operations on the upper and lower eyelids, using local fabrics (Blepharoplasty);
  • Removal of extensive defects of the scalp with nearby tissue (rotational flaps);
  • Restoration of the nose with complete and partial defects, surgery to change the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty);
  • Remove the parotid gland with preservation of facial nerve branches;
  • Reconstructive operations on the lacrimal tract;
  • Elimination of stiffness or immobility of the lower jaw;
  • Operations on the upper and lower jaw associated with malocclusion, often in conjunction with orthodontic treatment;
  • Osteoplastic surgery of the facial skeleton in violation of the facial proportions;
  • Recovery operations in violation of the movement of facial muscles;
  • Operative treatment of facial nerve injury (paralysis, paresis of different origin) using microsurgical techniques; 
  • Surgical treatment of sleep apnea syndrome (sleep apnea, snoring)